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Get to Know Us

Founded in 2016, 70mai is an industry-leading auto intelligence company, with specialization in dashboard cameras. 

70mai was first opened its door to Indonesian Market in 2021.

To date, it has built a global market presence, selling 1.5 million dash cams in a single year to 100+ countries spanning Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. Leveraging established expertise in car jump starters and other battery products, the company also expanded its reach into the clean energy market, debuting its first power station in 2021 to meet the growing demand for portable power on the move.

With the vision to deliver a safe, comfortable, and networked experience both on and off the road, 70mai is dedicated to lead smart innovations that make your every journey easier.

Our Products Lineups

70mai has developed an extensive line of auto intelligence products. Our dash cams span beginner-friendly models for basic recording needs, to premium 4K cameras with advanced smart features. We also offer car accessories that take care of other aspects of your driving experience, including tire health and interior tidiness. Once you reach your destination, our power station comes into play to provide clean, reusable energy that enables you to indulge in creature comforts outdoor.


Dashboard Cameras

A smart companion that is guaranteed to make your life easier.

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The best supporting products for your driving safety.

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Power Station

Upcoming more power on the move. For your daily needs.

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